Why Experiential Marketing Is A Must During All Holidays?

Thanks to our festive way of life, every year we have numerous reasons to celebrate. We celebrate beginnings and endings, love and patriotism, seasons and religious holidays. If you are a business owner, these holidays mean more to you than just time with the family. This is when your business more than likely sees a spike in sales.

Most businesses strive to be a household brand, with loyal and returning customers, rather than a one-off purchase. That kind of brand loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. To establish a lifetime customer, a business must provide a great product or service consistently and constantly. But how do you draw in these lifetime customers? New findings in the marketing industry point to “Experiential Marketing.” And the holidays happen to be the best time to attract and engage with customers since they are already out shopping and looking for new experiences with their loved ones.

If you have decided to incorporate this modern marketing strategy during the holidays (which we absolutely recommend) here are some pointers we would like to share:

– Always remind yourself that you are not just there to sell, you are there to connect people to your brands.

– Keep an open mind of what experiential marketing is, it can be events, pop-ups, activities, and installations. All which are particularly social-media-worthy.

– Experiential marketing strategy is a strategy, after all. It requires a good amount of research and planning to do well.

If 2018 proved anything, it’s that in-person brand experiences are not a fad that’s going away. This personal marketing technique does what no other marketing channel can do.  It brings brands and consumers together by creating memorable experiences that; foster trust, build loyalty, and create a sense of community. 

Experiential Marketing newbie? Not to fret, these experiential marketing insights will help get you started in the right direction.

Offer Great Deals

Recent studies have shown that one of the top purchasing influencers that attract people to experiential marketing activations is the promise of a discount or special offer. More likely to occur during the holidays since people are looking for the best deals. The other main reason people get drawn to activations is giveaways. Be creative and consider what your target consumer actually needs for the holidays and offer it. 

Time is of the Essence

The holidays are a busy time for everyone so holiday experiential marketing campaigns should be more focused. Any other time of the year you may have more of an opportunity to produce lengthy campaigns but during the holidays, short and sweet is the way to go. Tap into the current human psyche where people prefer to collect memories than things. If you are able to develop a campaign (and with our help you will) that can give consumers the opportunity to enjoy a positive experience with their family, your activation will surely be a winner.

Don’t Neglect all the Senses 

The holidays are a great time to build an association between your brand and a feel-good sensation. Incorporate sight, smell, taste, and sounds that people positively associate with during the holidays. Linking brands to any of these positive senses will surely implant your business in the consumers’ minds. It’s all about family during the holidays. Find ways to link the affection and joy people feel for their loved ones with your products and services, this is exactly what experiential marketing is all about.

These personalized one-on-one experiences are proven to be effective and your ROI will thank you. We say this with confidence because the data surrounding experiential marketing speaks for itself.

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Upcoming Major Holidays 2019

– Valentine’s Day

– Chinese New Year

– Ramadan/Eid

– Easter

– Father’s Day

– Mother’s Day

– Eid Al Adha

– Halloween

– Thanksgiving

– National Day

– Christmas

– New Year’s Eve