What do your consumers think of your marketing?

If you have ever wondered what most influences consumer to make a purchase at an event or experience, recent studies have shown that it is, by far, getting a sample or seeing a product demonstration. According to nearly half of consumers surveyed in a 2018 study also agreed that getting a better understanding of the product and receiving a coupon or discount was an influential factor.

These consumers were also asked what they recommend brands do to improve brand events and experiences. The key themes that resonated with them in the past and were included in their responses were as follows:


– Make the experience welcoming

– Know the audience

– Provide interactive games or competitions

– Inform and educate

– Show how the product works

– Provide samples

– Staff events and experiences with knowledgeable brand ambassadors

– Provide a sense of discovery

– Offer an emotional tie

– Be entertaining


This highly in-depth marketing study also asked brand marketers what they gained from their events and experiential marketing programs and the responses were all inline as follows:


– More data capture and improved measurement

– Generating and leveraging content developed around events and experiences

– Planning more effectively and being more strategic

– Leveraging technology

– Creating more experiential activities

In case you are not convinced yet, the numbers are in and they are staggering.

It has now been proven over and over again that Experiential Marketing truly amplifying a brand’s message and extends its reach. Consumer experience with products/services is what moves the needle, over more traditional advertising practices.

It also allows for digital integration and social media synergy. The possibilities are endless! In some cases, with multi-national activations, single market activations can expand into multi-market and national tours.

Experiential marketing is no longer a trend that is available for the select few who choose to participate. It is a must for all businesses who want to compete and build their brands. Do you have your marketing gameplan mapped out for 2019? It’s time that you do.