Think It. Move It. Believe It.

One of our ground-breaking activations this year was Neuroland which took place in Khalidiyah Mall in Abu Dhabi.

The Main Event

Neuroland was developed from scientific applications and studies by NASA research and neurological experiments and monitoring technology at MIT. It allows people to experience Telekinesis, moving objects with their minds. People interact with digital controllers through impulses from the brain and move objects with their thoughts. This activation allows mall visitors to experience something that was considered a fantasy or seen only in movies. It is incredibly addictive to use and gives users something to talk about to their friends and family and social media outlets. The activation included:

Tower Neuroland – Brain Waves Controller

The force of your mind allows you to use your brain waves to operate the system using a headset-sensor that picks up your commands.There are various types of brain waves and each indicates a certain operation that comes from a different part of the mind. These waves are:

 1) Alpha Waves (meditation)

2) Beta waves (concentration)

3) Delta Waves (State of sleep)

4) Theta waves (State of Dream)The Ball Tower reads and interprets your brainwaves. When you focus your mind generates beta waves, this information is translated into a digital signal and sent to the Tower.

Neuroland Duel

Utilizing advanced Neuroland Duel technology, the wireless headset reads your brainwave activity to move a ball up and down. Concentrate and the ball elevates on a cushion of air! Relax and the ball descends. It is literally your mind over matter!

Face off against another player in a mental shoving match! Use the power of your thoughts to force the ball into your opponent’s end zone to win!

Slot Cars

Slot car racing is a classic game that has people always coming back for more. This time, it comes with a twist, you can control the cars with your brain! Science fiction, right? Not at Neuroland!Instead of holding a controller in your hand, opponents wear a stylish headset that is able to measure the level of electrical activity in their brains. The cars move according to the level of concentration. When users are focused, their cars will tear off down the track and when they find themselves losing concentration, they’ll come to a dead stop.

The Power of Mind Over Robots

Robotic-Arms have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Now, visitors can experience moving the robot with their minds. It is a truly exhilarating involvement that keeps your mind’s attention for hours later.

Fly with your mind!

Taking drone flying from remote and smartphone control to a whole new level. Now, you can fly the drone with your mind! Aside from its entertainment value, Neuoland is teaching people how to improve concentration and relaxation using this toy.

Brain-Controlled i-Scooter

The EEG headset, which connects wirelessly to the laptop, allows the operator to simply think “forward” to cause the scooter to move.

Brain Dance

Looking at the Visualizer you can see how your mind appreciates music. The on-screen shapes morph and change color depending on your state of mind. Every time you listen to a different genre of music, your mind responds with the mental color feedback system.

The Fire Game

Detonate fireworks with concentration. Children and adults can compete in races, in which the most capable will blow up the most fireworks and reach the highest score.

The Benefits of Hosting Activations

We treat the mall as the village square when designing an activation. These events are successful and widely popular because they attract a broad variety of audience. Not only do they attract people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds but they also attract more of them.Activations are a part of experiential marketing which is crucial in today’s marketing trends. Neuroland and other similar activation allow the entire family to come together over an event or exercise which encourages bonding and builds an emotional experience and connection to the location.Since malls are an active hub of potential customers, we specifically create mall activations that are remarkable to pull your audience in and get them talking and sharing. Studies have shown that word-of-mouth is the most influential form of marketing to consumers.Start considering experiential marketing (if you have not done so already) to create a long-lasting brand impression into your target customer’s mind.