The Future of Consumer Interactions

Consumers are increasingly becoming more demanding, tech-savvy and looking for unique experiences. That means they expect the best; they know where to find information, and they have the ability to compare products, services, experiences, especially when choosing which venue to make their own.This ever-evolving shift in consumer characteristics also demands that businesses evolve as well and perform at a higher level to gain the interest and attract a loyal clientele.

For years and across five nations, CELS Group has worked closely with malls to ensure that their yearly events make them the chosen destination and truly build a positive relationship with visitors by expressing true and positive values.In the development of mall events, we always push for locations to be authentic. People can see right through anything generic. Our events aim to be a perfect blend of art, education, culture, and entertainment. And through delightful surprises and special engagements, producing strong emotions, our work turns the shopping experience into a social experience to be shared and remembered.

Customers spend their time where they can feel a sense of belonging – where everyone can be part of something bigger than themselves. By creating an authentic venue with a consumer-oriented attitude, we give life to destinations where social and relational interests are as strong as shopping-related ones.We have assisted malls to become the local destinations for fun, family, and togetherness by producing successful activations. Here are some examples of what your retail or event company can do to increase interaction and create Favourite Meeting Places:

Festivals: Malls can create festival-like experiences.

Learning Labs: Workshops and innovation

Factory Experience: A place where you can see how things actually work or build your own products

Vacant Spaces: Use empty spaces to create temporarily unique activations.

Market: Traditional market stalls meet modern shops and restaurantsGa

Games: Turn a mall into a location based social networking game, connected to software for mobile devices.

Co-creation: Highlighting the generation and ongoing realization of mutual firm-customer value.

Open Museum: A participatory exhibit space for finer artists, art museums and art enthusiasts.

“Re-”: Don’t make new. Renew.

Pop Up: Create buzz and excitement around a new product launch.

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