Seminar on Artificial Intelligence

VIAFONE Technologies part of CELS Group develops and creates innovative Customer Experience to trigger Brand Loyalty & Engagement through our Artificially Intelligent (AI) machine based learning CHATBOT. Its aim is to foster the relationship with customers before, during and after every “touch point” with brands, allowing an elevated customer experience. It supports retail hubs to create “Favourite Meeting Places” through engaging high-value interaction, footfall on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and 9 other chat applications.

Souffiane Houti, Founder and COO of VIAFONE Technologies and Head of Loyalty & Customer Experience of CELS Group will be delivering a seminar on: “Artificial Intelligence for the Event Industry” at 19:35pm on 25th of September at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center in Saudi Arabia.

The perfect opportunity to attend and learn about artificial intelligence in the event industry!