Are you ready for Ramadan 2020?

Celebrating the beauty of Culture through light during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is only a few months away and if you are looking for something different, we can help.

AFKAR Lighting: An expert in rental and installation and we are here to support you with all your Ramadan requirements. Select from Mashrabiya designed lighting arcs, stars, moons, lanterns, fanous, hanging lights, and various other LED lighting structures and 3D mapping services.

Retail Emotions: Recently been acquired by CELS Group adding a European design team and production facility to the task force. Creating magic since 1999, Retail Emotions has extension regional experience and can custom design all your Ramadan requirements!

HAMMOND Feel the Magic: Brings you a customised Ramadan Show titled “Welcome to Ramadan”, a story that reflects the values and traditions of Ramadan in a fun interactive way through its show characters.

We customise all our creative solutions so contact us on to discuss your brief or visit to know more.