Ramadan 2020 – Décor and Events

Ramadan is the time to share happiness, joy, good deeds and reflect spiritually with your family and friends. Every Ramadan has a story to tell. Lights tell stories and it’s a brilliant way to express your brand and identity.

From shopping malls to hotels to leisure and cultural hubs or any destination, AFKAR Lighting can illuminate it with custom-made designs that inspire visitors whilst CELS Events can make any destination areal, living place — a place to love through its unique activations.

HAMMOND Feel the Magic part of CELS Group brings to you a customised Ramadan Show titled “Welcome to Ramadan,” a story that reflects the values and traditions of Ramadan in a fun interactive way through its show characters.

23 April is just around the corner. Start planning for Ramadan today!  

It’s time to share your story.