Inspiring Kids to Reach for the Stars

A special book, a special meeting or a special event can spark curiosity in children that lasts them a life time. Introducing children to new experiences expands their imagination and helps them find their place in the world. Whether they want to be doctors, lawyers, firefighters or astronauts, their experiences as children will help shape who they become as adults.

CELS is proud to design events specifically to entertain, educate and enchant children. Our “Kids On The Moon” activation is an interactive, multimedia exhibition that provides an in-depth look into the life of an astronaut. By giving children the opportunity to activate all their senses through the exercises presented in this activation, they discover the universe in the most entertaining hands-on way. Children ages 6 to 12 will be wowed by the feeling of nothingness of zero-gravity and the pull of the vacuum of outer space, all supported and endorsed by NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency).

There is no better way to attract families than to provide much needed edutainment for children. The activity consists of three different area that mimic the space travel experience.In the cultural area, children will learn, among many other things, who was the first man to set foot on lunar soil, in which year he did it and the name of his spaceship by means of photographs and a replica of Neil Armstrong´s spacesuit worn in his space conquest.In the Earth area, using images of outer space and astronauts on duty, children will learn about the astronaut’s job in space during the most important space missions. The Lunar area is everyone’s favourite, children will wear a space helmet and “set foot on lunar soil.” In the lunar module, they will jump, play, and enjoy themselves.The photo exhibition is enjoyed by both parents and children. Eighteen official photos of astronauts and their activities will be displayed for both parents and children to enjoy. They will be introduced to name like Rick Hleb, Buzz Aldrin, Bruce McCandless and more.The Space Replica Models Exhibition is not to be missed! It includes 15 amazing replicas like the space shuttles, Rover, lunar vehicles and the International Space Station – ISS replica up close and hands-on.The “Kids on the Moon” activation includes so many neat parts that will captivate visitors for a long period of time; the Solar System Exhibition show cases the planets in exact replica glass fiber. There, the children will see the details of each planet and its size relative to others. Followed by a synopsis of each, describing the planet and its atmosphere.The Space Telescope Replica is exhilarating with its 3-meter height, and of course, the photo opportunity that leaves kids and their parents with a long-lasting memory of their experience visiting the moon and back.This highly engaging activation can be built into a full-fledged marketing campaign with decoration that include stars, planets, and milky ways. Along with supporting activations that include school involvement, the Dubai Astronomy Group, creative photo booths, art competitions, quiz games and much more!*Some exceptions can be made for children 5 to 12 year old