Celebrating UAE National Day 2018

Marsa Ajman

Another Emirate is getting all the attention and is now being developed to be the preferred meeting place. Marsa Ajman, will be officially launched in 2019 and CELS Group is a supporting partner in the activation of the Emirate. During the UAE National Day holiday, crowds gathered for a 5-day celebratory festival where locally sourced handicraft markets and entertainment attracted tourists and locals alike and built engagement and awareness.This was the first event at this property giving visitors a chance to explore the property all while getting entertained with music, food, and activities.

CELS Group is leading the efforts by designing and producing activations that include entertainment and events, growing Marsa Ajman as the next tourism destination.

Although the doors are yet to open, the experiences have begun. The activities designed have encouraged people to visit and share which has led to greater awareness of what’s to come. The excitement is building up and the engagement is forecasting a successful launch. We are proud to be part of this process and have more excitement planned for Marsa Ajman.

Deerfields Mall- Abu Dhabi

Four years and counting. We are so proud to light up Deerfields Mall in Abu Dhabi for UAE’s 2018 National Day celebrations. Onlookers, visitors, and passers from across the Emirates stood outside to enjoy the patriotic symbols projected on the outside of the mall.Four, extra-large projections of lights, decorated the front entrance enticed people to enter the mall and enjoy a day of shopping.We are so proud of celebrating UAE National Day with Deerfields Mall and the residents of Abu Dhabi.