Activities for the Whole Family at Landmark Mall

In an effort to generate income from liquid spaces that are awaiting pop-up retailers at the Landmark Mall, CELS Group developed activities to be enjoyed by all ages. These activities not only engage visitors but also allowed the Mall to be the place to be for all members of the family.

Mall visitors pay a fee to participate in one or all three of the available activities. The fun zone included:– F1 Simulators– Kiddy Balloon– ProShoot OutPeople were able to experience the thrill of leading an F1 race and holding the top score. While the younger kids enjoyed flying high in the Kiddy Balloon and got to view the world from the top.

ProShoot Out experiences gave kids and adult the chance to get some physical exercise indoors. In a custom design soccer field, players shoot the ball at a goalie or at a few standing mannequins to test their aim.

These activities were designed to achieve certain business goals for Landmark Mall. CELS Group was able to construct creative ways to generate revenue as well as attract more footfall to the mall by providing interactive entertainment and giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy new experiences.