A Genuine Commitment to the Environment

AFKAR Lighting, part of CELS Group, is a leading force in the event lighting industry. We take this title seriously and try to set a green standard of practice by being environmentally conscious throughout our entire process, from concept to creation.

Our lighting designs are focused now more than ever on LED lights. LED lighting helps reduce carbon emission and provides many environmental advantages. Here are a few reasons why we choose to use LED lights in all our designs.

– They are 80% more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lights, which are used traditionally. With LED lights, 95% of the energy is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat. In comparison to fluorescent lights which convert 95% of energy to heat and only 5% into light.

– LED lights also use less power than the usual lighting to give off the same level of light. For example, 84-watt fluorescent lighting can be replaced by a 36-watt LED light.

– It is easier to dispose of LED lights which produce less toxic waste.

– LED Lights last longer (6 times longer) resulting in less carbon emission caused by more resources used to produce more.

CELS Group has been focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with its green standard. We follow simple practices that are built into our process to do our part in keeping this planet clean. We embrace responsibility in our actions and encourage a positive impact through our activities whether it’s for the environment, our clients, employees, or the community.

We ensure our waste management system after every event is effective and consistent. Our commitment to waste management goes beyond our staff and involves sponsors, contractors, and event vendors as well.

We reinforce this commitment by providing the right infrastructure to facilitate greener practices. We study the number of bins needed for each event, their placement, and ensure having clear signage spread out in the venue. Then, we monitor and evaluate our process after every event and develop lessons learned to use in the next event which helps us grow and improve in this area.

At CELS Group, we are aware of the amount of waste generated in the days leading up to, during, and at the close of the event. We believe that the success of our events isn’t just about the entertainment value we provide or the number of visitors we attract but also the impact we have on the planet while running our business.

We lead by example and believe by using recycling bins we promote recycling in general and demonstrate that it is possible in any place, whether it’s in your home or larger events. It’s a great way to send a positive message to all stakeholders; attendees, staff, and visitors.

When it comes to the environment, we don’t cut corners. The extra effort put in place to develop a waste management strategy is less costly than having to think and implement one after the fact. It’s a commitment we all have to make to keep our planet clean and this is a price CELS Group is willing to pay.