Global strategies for engaging communities

Making any space a living place for communities: this is what CELS Group is all about.

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CELS Group is a network of international experts that foster and manage customer engagement and experiences. We help key players in their industry become the ‘Favourite Meeting Place’, building loyal relationships and strengthening bonds with their community.

We foster strong relationships based on emotions, for venues where culture, art, food, music and entertainment provide experiences that truly engage customers. Our aim is to help manage retail hubs, where social bounds prove to be just as relevant as shopping related interests.

Thanks to our wide range of expertise, we understand our clients and their customers’ needs.

CELS Group operates from these locations.

  • Milan
  • Dubai
  • Doha
  • Hamburg
  • Riyadh
  • London

Our Business Units

CELS Group expresses a multidisciplinary approach through independent business units (CELS Events, AFKAR Lighting, HAMMOND Feel the Magic, Marketing & Co and VIAFONE Technologies) that work in a consistent way.

Our Clients

Some of the partners that have trusted us throughout our journey.